Tamsyn Gill- Graphic designer | Illustrator | Artist | Frome | Bath | Somerset | UK

The Space Explorer's Picnic

Here are some concept illustrations I drew for the 2012 YCN student awards. The aim was to create an interesting picnic for M&S that fits with their 'Plan A' manifesto. Everything in the design is recyclable, re-useable or made from eco-friendly materials.

The Space Explorers picnic for children has everything needed for the hungry space traveller (including bubbling pink river water from Mars and Saturn rock desserts), all packed with vital nutrients and packaged in a re-useable cardboard space shuttle that becomes a toy after its original use.

Using some traditional spacey-metallic and non-traditional lime and orange space colours, these illustrations were painted in acrylic and bright inks to communicate the concept and feeling of the product.

Illustration of 2 children playing with the space picnic
Illustration of space drinks
B&W concept illustration of children playing with the empty space picnic box