Tamsyn Gill- Graphic designer | Illustrator | Artist | Frome | Bath | Somerset | UK

Sketchbook and development

Here is a small collection of quick sketches and ideas from my sketchbook, with some more developed experiments.

My main method of creating starts with a sketch in black Indian ink, using various Calligraphy nibs. This gives lovely contrasting lines from scratchy and skinny to flowing and full. I then scan the image, turn it into vector shapes, and colour it digitally using natural brushes, or I colour it with a mixture of watercolours, acrylics, and bright inks.

Illustration: I leaf Autumn
Illustration of people outside a music venue, done in watercolours
Pencil illustration of a cat holding balloons
Pencil illustration of a cat holding balloons
Illustration in watercolour of a desk covered in art tools and books
Black screen print of a small decorative bowl with turquoise and gold paint
Black illustration re-drawn over in white gel pen