Tamsyn Gill- Graphic designer | Illustrator | Artist | Frome | Bath | Somerset | UK

Plan B, Chalkboard Mural

In August 2016 I designed and drew this exciting larger-scale chalkboard mural for the offices of a Cornish marketing and events company: Plan with B.

When designing the mural I wanted to include illustrations relevant to the company and location, but also to add some of the personality of Becky Palmer, the owner of Plan with B. The lightning bold in the 'A' represent's Becky's love for David Bowie, the mine house and shells represent Cornwall, and a party atmosphere with bunting and balloons represent the events and parties staged by the company.

"I am absolutely over the moon with my blackboard wall. It's a true reflection of me whilst being uniquely creative. I regularly receive comments from visitors to my office on how bright and colourful it is. Thanks so much Tamsyn."

- Becky Palmer, Plan B Marketing

A photograph showing the Plan B mural design when it's been halfway completed
A close-up photo of the words under the main logo reading 'Marketing & Events'
Photograph of the letter 'b' in the mural which is written in a blue cap letter to match the logo, and it surrounded bt coloured chalk flowers
Photograph of the full mural, where 'plan' is written in white cap letters and 'b' is written in a blue cap letter to match the logo.