Tamsyn Gill- Graphic designer | Illustrator | Artist | Frome | Bath | Somerset | UK

Love Christmas in Cornwall

In October of 2012, as part of my work experience with the Cornwall and Devon media hub, I had the opportunity to draw the cover and illustrations for the Love Christmas in Cornwall magazine, with 30,000 copies distributed all over the county.

I chose the Cornish wording for Christmas on the front cover to push the growing interest in my home county for resurrecting the Kernewek language, which has not been Cornwall's main language for over 300 years.

Nadelik Lowen, gans Kerensa! (Merry Christmas, with love)

Photograph of a pile of Christmas magazines
Photo close-up of front cover of my Christmas magazine
An illustration of a smiling, waving snowman and some snowflakes
An illustrated letter 'G'